095I am a social scientist and urban planner interested in the politics of urban development and public financing. My research uses transportation as a window into the (dis)functions of society, paying particular attention to equity impacts and power issues surrounding urban infrastructure investments. Through my work and  activities with other scholars, I seek to open the hegemonic field of transportation to qualitative methods and a critical orientation with the aim of improving transportation planning, policy and implementation in the United States.  While I am interested in international issues, my expertise resides in U.S. cities with a particular emphasis on slow and low growth urban areas located in the rust belt region.

A recent copy of my CV: LFischer_CV

My work experience includes stints in academic and nonprofit organizations and most recently as an independent consultant. Previously, as Associate Director of the Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development, I spearheaded research on the emerging intercity city bus sector, coordinating several research projects measuring the sector’s expansion and documenting its impact on intercity travel behavior in the United States. As an Adjunct Faculty member at DePaul University in Chicago, I taught undergraduate courses on public policy, urban planning and transportation and coordinated several graduate study abroad courses to Brussels, Belgium and Curitiba, Brazil.

Professional Affiliations and Activities:

Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning 

American Association of Geographers

Center for Critical Transport Studies (founding member)

Scientists for National and International Peace and Security

Center for Sustainable Urban Development, Earth Institute

Volvo Research and Education Foundation

National Science Foundation IGERT Fellow

Transportation Research Board