My research examines the governance of urban development and infrastructure with particular attention to how implementation strategies of local governments impact low income and minority communities, and how community engagement in policy making can lead to more sustainable outcomes. I utilize mixed methods and geospatial analysis to examine these issues, with a strong focus on identifying pathways for practical action. My current projects focus on the challenges of implementing sustainable land use and transport policies in cities without strong growth pressures and examining local responses to state preemption. More broadly, my work uses transportation and land use as a window into the (dis)functions of society with the goal of fostering more equitable urban environments.

I am currently on the faculty of the University of North Texas, as one of the inaugural faculty for the Bachelor’s of Arts in Urban Planning and Policy. I can be reached at Lauren.Fischer@unt.edu.

Professional Affiliations and Activities:

Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning 

American Association of Geographers

Center for Critical Transport Studies (founding member)

Scientists for National and International Peace and Security

Center for Sustainable Urban Development, Earth Institute

Volvo Research and Education Foundation

National Science Foundation IGERT Fellow

Transportation Research Board

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