Allocation and Goverance

Last night the Collective of Critical Transport Scholars kicked off another year of meetings with a discussion on Social and Environmental Justice Issues in Transportation. We were joined by Dr. Devajyoti Deka, Assistant Director for Research at Rutger University’s Voorhees Transportation Center. The conversation was guided by Dr. Deka’s 2004 chapter in The Geography of UrbanContinue reading “Allocation and Goverance”

Federal Funding for Streetcars

Thanks to Gary Scott for the invitation to write a blog post for the Congress for New Urbanism’s website. The data and conclusions are based on a working paper by myself and Prof. David King.  In case the link fails to work, I’ve re-posted the content below. Transportation and Equity: Federal Funding for Streetcar Projects Tags:Continue reading “Federal Funding for Streetcars”

In Defense of Streetcars

Thanks again City Lab for providing confirmation that streetcars are a worthy area of inquiry that spurs interest outside the academy! After several project specific articles and some general critiques of streetcar projects, today features a Defense of Streetcars by David Alpert. His article is addressed to pro-transit streetcar critics which he feels are makingContinue reading “In Defense of Streetcars”

Governing Structures and Change

In March 2014 I went to Australia with the intention of examining how new public organizing strategies were facilitating the implementation of plans for concentrated development along transit corridors. I was inspired to visit Melbourne and Perth because both regions were pursuing innovative governing arrangements that appeared to vest responsibility for land use and transport investmentContinue reading “Governing Structures and Change”

Access in Chicago’s West Loop

The maps on my previous post showed that Google’s future Chicago location (1000 W. Fulton St) does not offer better transit access than its current location (20 W Kinzie St), a fact that brings into question claims about the firm relocating to be near a newly opened transit station in the West Loop. Perhaps, though,Continue reading “Access in Chicago’s West Loop”

Development in Chicago’s West Loop

Chicago recently opened a new transit station in its West Loop neighborhood; the claims being made about its impact on economic activity are indicative of politicians and policy advocates perspectives on transport infrastructure and economic development. The Metropolitan Planning Council’s blog reports that “Google recently chose to relocate its Chicago office in the Fulton MarketContinue reading “Development in Chicago’s West Loop”

Critical Transport Scholarship

Critical Transport is apparently on the rise, based on sessions at AAG this month in Los Angeles, articles by transport geographers in the UK and organizing among students in New York City (an unapologetic self promotion). But what does Critical mean in relation to transport scholarship? Here are several thoughts: Critical Moment for Transport: Critical, asContinue reading “Critical Transport Scholarship”